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Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6

Adobe Photoshop Extended Editor's Review

Make all your photos the best they can be with this best of class photo editor for PC.

With the holidays here and gone, it's likely that most everyone has more digital pictures than they know what to do with. Once you've gone through all of them, you've likely found the ones that you'll keep, the ones you'll delete, and the ones you want to tweak. This is why I really like tools like Adobe Photoshop Extended. It’s the premier photo editing tool for PC, and it’s a must have, if you can afford it.

Adobe Photoshop Extended delivers all the state-of-the-art editing, composition, and graphic design capabilities of Photoshop.  It also adds breakthrough tools for 3D design and motion editing. Now, it can also be used with creativity-boosting, mobile apps. Working with your pictures away from your computer with just got easier.

If you've ever had a really tricky shape or area you wanted to select, but had trouble getting it just right, you're going to like what you see in Photoshop Extended.  Now you can get better-than-ever results when selecting these tricky image elements, such as hair. You can also eliminate background color around selection edges and automatically vary selection edges and perfect masks using PS's new refinement tools. You can also create photo-realistic, high dynamic range (HDR) images quickly and with unprecedented accuracy. You'll get stunning results thanks PS's automatic ghost removal; and have greater control of  tone mapping and adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop Extended allows you to remove any image detail or object and watch as its Content-Aware Fill feature magically fills in the space left behind. This breakthrough technology matches lighting, tone, and noise so it looks as if the removed content never existed. Now you can get rid of those goofy relatives who make funny faces in your really great shot, without having to ruin the photo by over cropping, hand drawing, or copying and pasting another area that doesn't quite match up. This works really well thanks to Photoshop's enhanced selection methods.

New to Photoshop Extended is its advanced 3D editing. Now you can go beyond traditional image editing and bring 3D elements to your 2D artwork directly.  Photoshop Extended now offers an easy on-ramp to 3D image creation.  You can create stunning 3D logos and artwork from any text layer, selection, path, or layer mask with Adobe's Repoussé technology. With it, you can twist, rotate, extrude, bevel, and inflate your designs.

Pro’s: Best of class photo editing, professional tools create some stunning effects

Con’s: Expensive, Some tools require steep learning curves

Conclusion: Photoshop Extended is perhaps the most advanced image editing tool available on the internet today. With it, you can do almost anything that you can imagine with your digital photos. Its tools are state of the art and top of the line, which provide not only its strength, but its weaknesses as well. As much as EVERYONE will want to use it, the tools are often not the easiest to learn and use.  Many of its features require a great deal of skill and a steep learning curve to master. However, once you do master them, you're going to find that this is THE tool to have, provided you can afford to purchase it in the first place.

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